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M O D E L    R A I L R O A D     I T E M S


Bridges and Trestles





Basswood Trestle with Double Track Stone Bridge

Timber Deck Bridge

Through Truss Bridge

Curved Deck Bridge




Tall Bent Support

Low Bent Support

Truss Support Beam








"O" Scale Hydrocal Castings






Cast in White Hydrocal Cement, these castings can be used as they are or in combination with each other. They can be machined with ordinary woodworking tools and glued together with five minute epoxy or with carpenter's white glue. Master patterns were hand detailed and used to make the Urethane molds from which the castings are produced. The back side of the castings are flat and without detail.






Stone Archway





Left Wing Wall

Tunnel Portal

Right Wing Wall








The Wall System






This features a group of three cast wall segments, each with an overhanging capstone layer, that can be used alone or cut up and glued into whatever the user has in mind. A person could create window and door openings in them and make buildings. The wall segments are also "slumped" on a curved mold support to create curved walls. The system also includes a more substantial "buttress" that can be used between wall sections or cut up itself for other applications. "Capstone" and "Footing" strips are also available, and these can also be used whole or cut and glued into place. All of these components are also produced from Urethane molds made from hand detailed master patterns. The backs and bottoms of them are not detailed and sizes listed below do not include the overhang of the top layer of stones.





Low Wall

Medium Wall

Tall Wall




Buttress Front

Buttress Side

Footing Strips




Low Curved Wall

Medium Curved Wall

Tall Curved Wall








Bridge Piers and Abutments






Because they are detailed on all four sides, and sometimes on the top as well, the bridge piers are each hand carved rather than being cast in a mold. They are, therefore, available only on a custom order basis with the size specified by the buyer. Abutments, with only three sides detailed, can be made from Wall System parts or by splitting one of the piers in two. Small, low, piers are also available which can be used for trestle supports or they can be cut up and made into foundations or low walls.





Tall Bridge Pier

Low Bridge Pier

Trestle Bent Supports









Joinery Methods

Artist's Statement

Works in Progress


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